A Real Opportunity

Those of you who read this column know it as “Happy Friday!!!” Well I’m sorry but after all the unrest in our nation this past week; I can’t be very jolly tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful. I’m grateful that we raised “colorblind” kids. Well as colorblind as middle class white folks can be anyway. Recent events have provoked deep sadness in our hearts. Everyone in our family feels a continuous gnawing pain in our hearts at what seems to be a perpetuation of racism, violence, and discrimination in our world. The effects of the pandemic were already exemplifying the economic inequalities all over the planet. Add that to preexisting racial injustice and the horribly sad death of George Floyd; and the short fuse of humanity’s powder keg was lit.

People who know me understand that I’m forever the idealist. In spite of all the horror, I’ve latched on to what I see as an opportunity for meaningful change. Early protests have been marred by instigators and opportunists who took advantage of police forces being stretched thin. However, more and more mobilization of peaceful protests have garnered the attention of the entire world; and protests have spread globally.

When I was a kid we protested against racial injustice. We protested against war. We protested against gender inequality. We protested against the poisoning of Mother Nature. Yet here we are again. I’m not foolish enough to suggest that these crimes against humanity and Mother Nature can be rectified quickly. It will take constant effort; and yes, most likely, more protests. But protests are empty actions if we sit on our laurels and watch the yelling from afar. At the very least, all of us must VOTE. And of course, all of us can treat everyone we meet with respect.

Every day.

We can do this. We must do this. Otherwise, we’ll just end up sad, frightened, frustrated and exhausted.

What kind of life would that be??

It’s all been going on too long.