A Very Short Lifetime

My best friend was whisked off to the Great Beyond yesterday. She also happened to be my Beautiful Girlfriend, my Soulmate, my Love. The People Upstairs (you know, those God people) put us together 52 years ago when we were 17 year old children. She allowed me to marry her when we reached the ripe old age of 19; and I will be forever grateful to have been blessed with over 50 years of wedded bliss.

My Sweetie was an amazing woman who powered through a long battle with idiopathic interstitial pulmonary fibrosis; a nasty lung disease that robbed her of so much. During her lifelong career in nursing she showed me how to care for others with excellence, empathy, and love. I’m convinced that her living examples literally taught me how to become her caretaker these past several years.

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit shell shocked. How can such an amazing lifetime with such an amazing person end so abruptly? Poor baby was in Hospice care for just a smidge over 40 hours; but thank God (whoever They are) we were able to get the meds to ease her journey into the Other Side. When we first met, we very quickly knew we were meant for each other. Our intimate spiritual bond gave us the fortitude to venture into life on our own as soon as we were legal adults. We pretty much literally grew up together; and seems like all the dreams and planning that went along with young love happened forever ago. On the other hand, our deep enjoyment of every moment we spent together made it feel like we just fell in love yesterday.

As youngsters, we partied like there was no tomorrow. After partying a bit too much; recovery taught us how to be grateful for each new day; and gave us the tools we needed to embrace (but not necessarily like) the changes her disease dished out to us. Friends would often be surprised when we told them, “In spite of all the bullshit, we are grateful and content most of the time.” And we were.

We were blessed by a visit with a local psychic back in April; and during the sessions we were told that My Honey Pie would be able to communicate with me easily from Heaven. Well guess what, she already has!! Numerous times, no less. I know this because when my mind is still I receive thoughts that I know are coming from her. I’d love to hear her voice and see her face; but hey, maybe later. I do know that she’ll be the first person I’ll be looking for when it’s my turn to cross over. It will likely feel like a rather long lifetime for me, but from what I’ve heard time is different over there. Guess I’ll just have to wait to find out.

I love you my dear. I’ll see you in my dreams. And then later in person!!