Another Year Of Awesome

Well kids, I may be getting older. Not that I feel old, mind you. But…

I’m sitting here at the keyboard thing,

Just thinking and remembering

That back in 1972

There she was, eyes of blue.

Initially we were just friends,

But soon we were much better friends,

And then (and now) the best of friends

Sharing awesome love that never ends.

Let’s see… reality check… 2023 minus 1972 equals 51. HOLY MOLY, I’VE KNOWN AND LOVED THIS LADY FOR 51 YEARS!!! Can this be real? Who am I? What am I doing here?? Am I really 69 years old now?? Sheesh!! And then, as an added bonus, this beautiful lady allowed me to marry her on August 21, 1973. So like, this coming Monday will be like our 50th anniversary, like you know??

Like, WOW, MAN!!

Very wow!!

For the past several months, I’ve been telling anyone who wants to listen:  “If our marriage survives until August 21, we’ll be celebrating 50 years!!” I asked my Beautiful Girlfriend if there was any chance our marriage would make it for a couple more days, and she gave me that “Whadda you, nuts??” kind of look and said, “I’ll think we’ll be OK.” So… YES!!! We’re gonna be married 50 years this Monday!!

Can you tell I’m pleased about this?

Now for you youngsters (of all ages), just want you to know that this marriage business did not always come naturally to us. We both perpetrated several weepings and gnashings of teeth at various times. Slowly but surely, we began to develop skills that made our relationship endure. Lots of give and take. Lots of goofs and forgiveness. Lots of problems, but thankfully, lots of working on solutions. There, I said it: it took work for us to get where we are today. As my Lovely Bride says, “It took grace, dignity, and compromise.” And you know what?? I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

These days, it feels like we’ve been together our whole lives. We are both very OK with that notion. Heck, we’ve been best buds since were were 17!! Childhood memories are still there of course, but almost becoming a flash in the pan.  We basically grew up together.

So I want to thank Those People In Heaven for allowing us to be so fortunate. Life is very good you see. We are not financially wealthy, but we certainly aren’t poor either. We are blessed.

As you can probably tell by now, I get a little mooshy around this time of year. I’m so SO grateful because I have everything I’ve ever wanted in life. I sometimes verbalize it to my Beautiful Honey Pie.  “Honey,” I’ll say, “all I ever wanted was the love of a Beautiful Woman, a nice family, a nice home, a little bit of land (we have 5 acres), and a kick-ass stereo.”

Mission accomplished!

The moral of the story: all the work has really paid off. We have difficulty remembering the last time we got on each other’s nerves.  And no, that’s not the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The fruit of all this relationship stuff is this: we share a very strong spiritual bond, and have lived harmoniously pretty much all the time for quite a few years now. She even lets me kiss her! Often! Pretty cool since she’s The Most Beautiful Woman In The Universe (all other women are the second most beautiful… just FYI). As I said earlier, we are not really wealthy, but I consider myself one of the richest people on the planet.

Lots of music has touched our hearts over the years, and I often sing some of our favorite songs out loud to my Beautiful Girlfriend. Well OK, I sing them pretty much wherever I am while I have her in my thoughts. Often loudly.

For this week’s video fun, I’ve posted some examples.

Peace, Love, and Happiness to you All!!