Once More In A Blue Moon

Here I am, writing Frappy Hiday about the Blue Supermoon of this past Thursday, using a brand new 2012 model HP 8470P computer on Open Office software and some very old fingers doing the typing… those fingers were built in 1954 but I don’t remember anything about the moon from those days because I was very small and my brain had not yet discovered animal crackers or even raisin flavored potato chips; and of course this silly, ridiculous glob of words is here to tell you that you now can enjoy the run-on sentence one can often expect in any given installment of Hippy Fardy.


As some of you may have never known, a Blue Moon has come to mean the 2nd full moon in a month; which of course only happens once in a blue moon. And of course, blue moons occur every two or three years or so; and if you don’t believe me just ask NASA some time. There is also a bunch of folklore that surrounds the saying “blue moon,” but I’m not gonna elaborate on that here and you can’t make me. Instead, I double-D dare ya to learn about it the same way I did…

I just looked it up… HERE!! <–(click me, click me ooohh aaahhh cha cha cha)

HOWEVER: the Blue Moon we just had on the 30th was also a Supermoon! That’s because the moon was closer to the earth by nearly 17,000 miles, so it looks BIG. And of course as folks on the old TV and radio shows used to shout, “Look!! Up in the sky!! It’s a bird!! It’s a plane!! It’s SUPERMOON!!

Or something like that.

As a matter of urgent investigation, I earlier ran outside without even running and looked up into the clear blue sky and wondered to myself whether or not the sky could possibly be any more blue; and as nightfall fell while falling I looked at this gorgeous full moon thing and was hoping the moon would make blueness, which is actually a word, and I know this because I just looked that up also; and I went yet AGAIN with the run-on sentence awreddy.

But the Blue Supermoon showed absotively no sign of blueness at all. This is not your fault, it’s merely a science thing I just made up called Lunar Lack-a-blue. According to NASA, the next Blue Supermoon won’t be here until January of 2037, which is more than 2 weeks from now. The moon is waning now but it’s still pretty darn full and awesome looking. As it wanes further, we can continue to celebrate its arrival by talking about things that only happen in a blue moon, which can be a pretty fun thing to say when something doesn’t happen very often. For example, I can say stuff like, “My pants only fit me perfectly once in a blue moon. Perhaps I should not have ice cream for every meal.”

So there you go, my friends. That’s probably everything you never wanted to consider regarding a Sue Blupermoon. I hope it aids your digestion during the upcoming hot dog eating contests I’ve never entered. In the meantime, please remember that it’s always better to be you than for you to be me; and although you can count to it, eight is a word.

Thank you.