Happy 45 To Us, Happy Many More To YOU

When I got home today, my Beautiful Girlfriend had the stereo blasting Celine Dion singing “Another Year Has Gone By,” (← click to hear it). She always wants me to dance with her to that song; and since I really like being married to her, I quickly got out of my coat and embraced her as we shuffled about in the kitchen and both became completely mooshy.

As we danced, she blurted out, “45 Christmases… what the F*@# ?!?! “ And in case you’re wondering, yes, there was a very naughty expletive at the end of that exclamation. She wasn’t saying it out of exasperation or annoyance; she was merely letting loose her amazement at the fact that we’ve had 45 Christmases together. So many years, but it all went so very quickly!! There may be some of you out there in blog reading land that can relate; but for you youngsters…

Anyway, I’m writing this to wish that all of YOU a very Happy Holiday Season. I truly hope you are all blessed; I’m very sure that I am. As I was telling a friend recently, “I’m not rich, but I’ve been wealthy for many years.” In other words, for whatever reason I’ve been given the opportunity to become happy, joyous, and free. Took some years of growing pains to get there; but oh my goodness it has certainly been worth it.

Of course, I still know how to get my buns in a bunch when things don’t go exactly the way I would like. Lost my cool just yesterday actually; because I just got home from a business trip that “took 3 days from my chores schedule.” We heat with wood you see, and that means I move several loads from outside to inside to keep a constant supply of dry logs available. There was a winter weather advisory yesterday, and although we needed to do some last minute Holiday grocery shopping, I was freaking out about beating the weather. My poor Amazing Wife was very patient with me and my childishness… I was grumpy and hurrying to get home so I could throw some firewood into the basement before the rain or snow arrived. As it turned out, all my rushing was for naught; the Weather Goddess smiled on me. Thankfully I’ve learned to apologize for being a knuckle head much more quickly (and sincerely) than in the “good old days.” And yes, I meant “good old days” sarcastically.

My Lovely Bride and I have been soulmates since we were 17, for crying out loud. We were basically children when our relationship began. We pretty much grew up together; meaning we learned “how to adult” together. Sometimes it got rather icky, but we persevered with love and made it through all the crappy stuff. These days, our icky stuff is much less stinky and doesn’t linger very long at all. Our friendship, love, and devotion has never been stronger, and continues to grow.

Does that sound gooey or what??

Yeah, it probably does, but too bad. This time of the year has always given me pause to reflect on then versus now. We just got done watching two of our favorite Holiday movies with some dear friends: “Miracle On 34th Street,” and the 1951 version of “Scrooge.” Both flicks make me all mooshy… and with “Scrooge,” forget about it awreddy, I cry like a baby at the end. It’s all about transformation… and thanks to The People Upstairs, some 28 years ago I received an opportunity to start setting things right after blundering through life; attacking everyday problems like a raging lunatic with a chainsaw and a sledgehammer. Took me about 18 years worth of weeping and gnashing of teeth to see the light, but I’m ever so grateful for my life today.

My Beautiful Soulmate Girlfriend Wife person and I are blessed indeed. Our life just keeps getting better; and it has nothing to do with money or things. May All of You receive at least as many blessings.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!!

Hope Santa is ready…