Making Christmas And The Joys Of Being Older

Ten days from now, millions of kids both young and old will be tearing into wrapping paper and gift bags to see what Santa brought. These last days before the Holiday, however, can be hectic and even stressful. We grownups try to find solace in each others’ misery; hoping that at least one person is as ill-prepared as we are for the Big Day. Today at work I had just such a conversation with a friend, who asked the age-old question:

“So, you ready for Christmas??”

“Kinda… still have a few things to get. Oh and I wanna get over to the dollar store and get some kippered herring for the kids;” I replied.

“You buy tins of herring for Christmas??” she asked with wrinkled brows.

“Well, they were raised by a Norwegian, so yeah my kids love kippered herring. I try to make sure I get a few cans for stocking stuffers.”

I don’t think she’s going to run out for any last minute herring purchases, but then she shared her plans for the Holiday.

It’s a busy time of year for many of us. Buying gifts, family gatherings, visiting with friends, baking and cooking all seem to fill our schedules with delightful zooming so we can squeeze love and fun into every last minute.

And then there’s work… that 4-letter word we all revere so highly. My fellow computer flunkies and I have been handed some aggressive deadlines to be completed by the end of the year. It’s always such a treat to get very short notice on things that need to be done before the end of December (sarcasm definitely intended).

One of the better things, for me at least, is being old enough to remember when The Beatles came to the U.S. on the Mayflower. It’s not the aging I relish so much as the ability to take things in stride because of having “been there, done that.” I’ve come to a point in my life where, although I still know how to get my knickers in knots, the severity of my serenity alarm’s clanging is a much smaller magnitude than in “the good old days.” Of course I still complain… but I get over it faster. And a bonus: I’m less self conscious and a bit more other people conscious.

Example: I zoomed out of bed the other morning to get all my chores done before heading to work. We got some snow, so I knew the drive would take a little longer. Got dressed, fed the cat, got the coffee, hit the bathroom, brushed my hair, made the fires (we heat with sticks), gathered up all my lunch things and out the door I went.

Decided to treat myself to some breakfast sandwiches and a thingy of orange juice (one of each for two days’ breakfasts) from the local gas station; and I couldn’t help but notice that folks were looking at me a bit longer than normal. When I zipped back to the car, I caught my reflection in the window and saw this strange looking fellow looking back at me. Well, it was me of course, and some of my hair apparently didn’t make it to the pony tail; and was looking rather floofy. Couple that with my very-recently-out-of-bed-not-very-awake-yet face and I don’t think I’d win any beauty contests. Upon seeing my reflection I was instantly aware of why folks were staring at me; and I started laughing rather bigly.

So this being up in years business has really helped me learn (sometimes the hard way) not to take myself too seriously. And although the Holiday season has my brain a-crankin’ at times, I can write a “Happy Friday!!!” and remind myself to slow my mind… breathe… easy does it… ahhhh that’s better.   Please note: I haven’t said anything about being mature. I’m still way too young to grow up completely!

If you’ve read this far, thanks. Writing this was good therapy. I was getting a bit ornery and even glum (mostly because I have to travel for work for 3 days this coming week) (waahhh waahhh waahhh); and I need to stay out of the stinky part of my brain and just enjoy the moment. That, of course, goes for every moment of every day, not just the ones during the Holidays (although those are pretty special).

So I’ll be making Christmas right up to the very end, just like very other year.

And the years have helped me understand that’s pretty darned OK.

Speaking of videos… how about more than one this week?  I heard this recently on my favorite Canadian radio station (Zoomer Radio:  740 on your AM dial when it’s dark outside) and it really tickled my inner child. The second one is a song that was on the radio when I was a wee one… the animation someone added is a bit funky but hey, better than anything I could do.

Hope all of you enjoy.